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Liz Bills and Wyn Doran Attract Large Crowd at TOAD Cambridge Friday Night

Sounds of Americana and Folk Rock filled the air at the TOAD Nightclub in Cambridge, Mass. as Liz Bills and Wyn Doran brought their "Cabin Fever Tour"there Friday night. Though the space is rather small, with only a bar and a small stage, the sound was larger than life. The bar was packed all night and the duo kept everyone engaged and enjoying the music through the night.

Tour flyer for the Cabin Fever Tour 2019

Bills and Doran are both musicians who are not only co-workers but also really good friends. The two have worked together for about a year-and-a-half now and work together in an Americana/Indie band called Liz Bills and the Change. This tour takes the two girls and brings them to a solo level, bringing music from their heart out to the world.

The duo met on Craigslist almost two years ago when Bills was exploring artists to help her with a solo project. They decided to work together with a few other artists and that group became Liz Bills and Friends. Then in 2018, Bills decided to expand and change the project, adding in percussionist Rick Carr, Bassist Santiago Saenz and vocalist Jessica Olson. Together with original guitarist Benjamin Goldbaum they became Liz Bills and the Change.

This is not the first time either of them are touring. Bills works on her own project called Analog Heart, a Rock band based in Massachusetts. Doran also works on her own project called Strangers by Accident, an Indie/Folk Rock band based in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Both bands are successful and have both done local tours.

This time, both girls have decided to embark on a solo tour supporting each other along the way. Bills has taken a few solo legs of touring with this music herself over the years. Doran has experience touring with a choir in High School from 2006-2010 all over the world and has experience touring over the last 2 years. In an interview, Doran stated "I love being able to get out and share my music with the world."

Pictured left to right: Wyn Doran, Liz Bills, Jessica Olson. The girls of Liz Bills and the Change

When asked about the performance tonight, Bills states “When I got here today, I was so sweaty and nervous but then the audience was so amazing that it made things so much easier.” Doran had similar feelings. She stated “When I play with Liz, it’s easy to channel this happy energy. I enjoy the vulnerability of being on stage and I used that to channel these happy and confident emotions.”

The crowd at TOAD was very energetic and excited to hear Bills and Doran. Not a moment went by through the night where the club wasn’t packed wall to wall with people. The crowd was a fair mix of family, friends and random bar patrons who happened to be walking by. Patron Megan McCaffrey states “I have seen Bills and Doran perform together before and tonight they really did a great job. They always do.” Other patrons had similar thoughts to share.

You can catch Bills and Doran at one of the stops on their tour. The Cabin Fever Tour travels next to Burlington, Vt. for 3 stops and then onward to Portland, Maine for one stop. The tour runs until February 21. You can find more information about these artists as well as their tour on Facebook.

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